Before submitting your plans for approval please read the following to insure you have all supplied all of the required information.

  • Read the Land Covenants relating to your section carefully, these can be found in your sale and purchase contract or under USEFUL INFORMATION; they outline the minimum requirements for your building;


  • Working drawing plans must be provided showing a minimum of;

        a) floor plan with building areas

        b) elevations

        c) site plan with measurements from all boundaries

        d) height of building from ground

        e) proposed cladding and roofing materials


  • Your site plan must show your intended fencing location, height and materials on each boundary;


  • A formal quote for the cost of the building needs to be supplied confirming the $/m2;

So that we can process your plans quickly, please provide all of the above information at the same time.


You will be invoiced prior to commencement of processing once you have submitted the plans. If you have any questions, please direct to Tracey  06 878 9142 or

Upload Plans

Thanks for submitting your plans, we will be in touch shortly.